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Our work is summed up as "helping rebuild lives", and our vision is:

"That each asylum seeker and refugee in our sphere of influence, including trafficking survivors, will receive our compassionate welcome and informed help in rebuilding their lives out of their suffering – being safeguarded, empowered and finding community."

Our services to both children and adults are delivered through professional staff and in partnership with other agencies, and where appropriate with the help of carefully selected volunteers. We help rebuild the lives of refugees/trafficking survivors and their families in three main ways:

Wellbeing and Safety


We enhance the wellbeing and safety of our refugee friends through support services and befriending/community activities

Advice and Guidance


We help our clients find direction through advice and guidance − especially related to housing, employment, mainstream services and asylum/immigration law

Education and Training


We empower our clients by helping develop English language skills, and also education and employment opportunities